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Additional Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is known by many names and information can be found from many sources. Be smart when applying for aid. Don’t give your personal information to an unknown source. Be cautious of any one that asks you to pay a fee to apply for free aid.


Your FSA ID can be used as an electronic signature at many Federal Aid sites. This is your Personal Identification Number, so keep it safe. For additional information and to receive your pin, go to Create Account | Federal Student Aid.

Selective Service Registration

Your registration status with Selective Service no longer affects your eligibility to receive federal student aid. For general information about registering, call Selective Service toll-free at 1-888-655-1825 or visit

Online Scholarship Search

There are many scholarship search engines available online. The Federal Student Aid Website’s search is easy to use and can be accessed by Finding and Applying for Scholarships | Federal Student Aid.

IRS Information

When selected for verification students and/or parents may be required to provide a copy of their recent tax return or tax transcript. You can contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or to get more tax information online go to

Use your FSA ID to review your personal history

You can review your prior Federal loan and grant history online at Use your PIN number to review your personal history.

Military and Veteran’s Benefits

Don’t forget to check for eligibility at your local campus for Veteran’s and Military benefits. Assistance is also available for Military spouse’s through  MyCAA — Financial Assistance for Military Spouses (

Milan Institute Loan Management Services

We are here to help you with life of the loan borrower services. We can also assist active students with prior student loans.

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Indirect Costs