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Here’s What Milan Institute Graduates Have to Say…

Curious about what our former students think? Check out our testimonials below to learn more about why our graduates enjoyed attending Milan Institute.

My experience at Milan Institute was so smooth and wonderful. I was scared and nervous at first. Then I met Ms. Sarah and Ms. Juli, that’s when I knew I made the right decision. They met my expectations and beyond. Ms. Juli has so much knowledge in the industry, it’s amazing. Not only did she teach us the curriculum, she shared with us her own knowledge and experiences as an Esthetician which are beyond advanced and amazing. There has never been a moment where I felt lost or confused, and if I did they were right there to guide me through. Ms. Sarah always had an answer to any of my questions. If I ever needed anything I knew I could count on her. The whole staff was amazing. I’m blessed to say I was able to open my own shop in Merced a week before I graduated. I am now very grateful for all my clients who put their trust in me. Not only was Milan Institute able to give me the knowledge as an Esthetician but it gave me knowledge to understand the beauty industry more. By studying anatomy and other subjects it helped me to be more knowledgeable and that opened doors to more opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.

Lizzy, Esthetician Graduate

I graduated from the Barbering program in September 2021. I decided to go back to school because I wanted to create a better future for myself and something that I could build off of. My overall experience at Milan Institute was good. Very thankful for the Milan Institute staff and how hard they push you to stay on task. I eventually would like to open up my own barbershop with nice structure but also give my barbers the freedom to be creative.

Julio, Barbering Graduate

I decided I wanted to do something in the medical field but also something that would help me obtain an entry level position in the medical field. I loved my experience at Milan Institute. I loved the instructors, staff and the students. There were many times I really wanted to take a leave of absence because of the stress but, with the help of my instructor and fellow classmates I decided to not take a leave of absence and just get through it and I’m glad I did. My current job was actually my extern site and I’m glad I was hired on as a Medical Assistant. My only advice is even if you’re struggling to get things done or struggling with anything related to the program or your personal life it’s OK to talk about it to your instructor.

Erik, Medical Assistant Graduate

After COVID-19 hit, I needed a new career. Milan Institute provided the support system I needed to gain both roots and wings. Melissa could not have been more supportive during my personal obstacles. Liz excels at skills I do not have and she helped me create an amazing résumé. My future career plans are to be a part of a Spa environment in Bakersfield.

Amy, Massage Therapy Graduate

This was my first year in college, I entered straight out of high school. Before I enrolled I was still in high school researching about the Dental field and how many changes can occur. My experience at Milan Institute was absolutely great. I had the chance to meet new people and the staff are just really amazing. I am currently employed in Visalia Dental Care. Really amazing office with great staff. My future career plans are to keep studying more about the dental field and become a travel Dental Assistant.

Shirley, Dental Assistant Graduate

My journey started with Milan Institute in August of 2020. I usually had a hard time in the past comprehending things in college and would become overwhelmed, but for some reason with Milan Institute it wasn’t like that. My instructor Mrs. K was a blessing. She made my course at Milan Institute a positive and smooth journey, she was very patient and understanding. Within my first week of my externship with Yosemite Bone and Joint I was offered a job. I ended up being hired on towards the end of my extern as a Surgical Coordinator. I am thankful for Milan Institute helping me find my passion. Just remember to never give up on your determination. Anything is possible as long as you keep on pushing yourself to be the best.

Jamie, Administrative Medical Assistant Graduate

I graduated from the Barbering Program at Milan Institute. My experience at Milan Institute was very educational and had some fun times. I am currently employed at Westcoast Inc. I love my current job because of the freedom to set my own schedule and interact with people from all kinds of places. I plan to open a couple shops in/or around Fresno and Los Angeles area.

Daniel, Barbering Graduate

Going back to school was something I had put behind me for several years, I felt that if I didn’t put my head to doing so I would never get to it. I finally said I would and I did. The cosmetology program set me up to do what I craved the most, I was always attracted to the beauty industry and felt as if I was a little undecided about what I wanted to focus on. Going to school filled me with great knowledge and experience, and I was surrounded by mentors that pushed me to succeed and find my passion. I am now a licensed cosmetologist, working my own nail booth at Crystalina’s nail shop.

Emily, Cosmetology Graduate

I decided to go to Milan Institute after researching the Cosmetology program and thought it was the best choice being that I was a single mom. My overall experience at Milan Institute was something that I will never forget, it set up my standards for how I run my salon. As of 2020 I became a full owner with my partner and opened our very own salon during the pandemic which became so successful that within six months we expanded. Now we run two successful buildings and are always looking to expand our team and grow.

Carolyn, Cosmetology Graduate

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