Clovis, California

About Clovis

While you pursue your career dreams at Milan Institute in Clovis, you can enjoy all the natural beauty that this city has to offer. Relax from your studies in Yosemite, Kings Canyon or Sequoia National Parks. Or if you prefer, you can take in the antiques, specialty shops, restaurants and boutiques in Old Town. Clovis presents a pleasant, interesting backdrop to you career preparation with Milan Institute.

Campus Address

731 W. Shaw Avenue Suite A, Clovis CA 93612
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-9:30pm | Sat: 8am-6pm

Mission Statement

The mission of Milan Institute is to meet the needs of students and employers by offering quality, short-term educational programs in career fields with solid growth potential.

Career Training Programs Offered

Main Campus: Milan Institute – San Antonio