Bakersfield, California

About Bakersfield

Now is an exciting time to be living in Bakersfield, one of the fastest-growing, large-population cities in the United States.

While you pursue your career training in Bakersfield you will also enjoy the many parks, lakes and sports centers the city has to offer. If you are more metropolitan, you can head to the city’s downtown for great shopping, cultural events and dining all set against an award-winning streetscape.

Campus Address

3115 North Sillect, Bakersfield, California 93308
Hours: Mon-Tues: 10AM-7PM | Weds-Thurs: 9am-6pm | Fri: 8am-5pm

Mission Statement

The mission of Milan Institute is to meet the needs of students and employers by offering quality, short-term educational programs in career fields with solid growth potential.

Career Training Programs Offered

Main Campus: Milan Institute – San Antonio