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Take the First Step – Train to Be a Medical Assistant!

Take the First Step Into the Growing Healthcare Field With Training from Milan Institute 

Are you interested in entering the growing field of healthcare? Have you considered training for a career as a medical assistant? Training to become a medical assistant is an excellent first step into the growing healthcare field. With Milan Institute, you can train to be a medical assistant in as few as 9 months! If you are ready to take the first step towards your career in the healthcare field, consider medical assistant training from Milan Institute!

Medical assistants are allied healthcare workers who play an important role in the healthcare field. Medical assistants work alongside doctors, physicians, and nurses to perform routine tasks and help keep medical offices running smoothly. Medical assistants are often responsible for both administrative and clinical tasks, including taking a patient’s vital signs and information, preparing patients for examinations, and assisting during appointments. Other responsibilities of medical assistants include taking blood, giving injections, taking EKGs, removing sutures, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, instructing patients on special diets and medications, and sterilizing medical instruments.

The Medical Assisting program at Milan Institute trains students in these skills, so students are prepared to function competently in entry-level medical assistant positions. In addition to classroom instruction, students gain on-the-job skills training in a real-world environment through an externship in an off-site medical facility.

In Milan Institute’s Medical Assisting program, students learn:

  • Medical Office Communications 
  • Insurance Coding 
  • Pharmacology/Nutrition 
  • Anatomy/Physiology 
  • Medical Office Emergency Procedures 
  • Electrocardiography/Hematology 
  • Microbiology/Patient Preparation 

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared for entry-level positions as Medical Assistants in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, medical offices, hospitals and medical clinics.

The Medical Assisting program is offered at these Milan Institute campuses:

With training from Milan Institute, you can be prepared to enter the healthcare field and begin your healthcare career as a medical assistant. Medical assisting is a career in which you will continue to learn and grow on the job, and by taking advantage of continuing education opportunities you can position yourself to progress into more advanced positions. Medical Assisting training can be the perfect stepping stone towards a career as a nurse, ultrasound technician, or any other more advanced healthcare position.

If you are ready to take the first step in your healthcare career, consider medical assistant training with Milan Institute! With Milan Institute, you can gain the hands-on training and practical skills you need to enter this rewarding career path. Take the first step towards your career in the healthcare field, with medical assistant training from Milan Institute. Give us a call at 888-207-9460 or contact us here to find out how you can get started today! 

Train for a Healthcare Career You Can Feel Good About, with Milan Institute!