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Start Your Massage Therapy Career!

Start Your Massage Therapy Career!

Massage Therapist Training From Milan Institute Near Fresno in Clovis, CA

What Kind of Massage Therapy Program Does Milan Institute Offer?

Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy program is designed to provide thorough, comprehensive training to prepare students to test for professional licensure. The unique curriculum covers Eastern, Western, and ancient modalities as well as the latest skills and techniques. Students study both the theory and knowledge behind the art of massage, as well as learn the technical skills to properly perform different modalities of massage.

The Massage Therapy program is designed to be completed in as few as 34 weeks*, and upon completion of the program, students are prepared to take the State Board exam for professional licensure

What Will I Learn in Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy Program?

In Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy program, students learn human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, massage theory and history. Instruction covers a wide range of massage techniques and modalities, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, pediatric massage, and Shiatsu. Students also learn spa techniques including aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and other popular spa techniques such as body wraps, scrubs, hot stones, and the use of hot and cold packs and compresses. Students have the opportunity to practice their skills in a real-world setting at Milan Institute’s student spa.

What Do Students Say About Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy Program?

“Milan became a second home. I built long-lasting relationships with classmates and even instructors.”
– Katrina Romero, 2019 Milan Milan Institute Massage Therapy Graduate

“At Milan Institute I had excellent teachers and classmates. Now I love my job. I get to help people every day and give them a chance at a better quality of life.”
– Naomi Sulham, 2023 Milan Institute Massage Therapy Graduate

“My experience at Milan Institute was excellent. I was always interested in kinesiology and wanted to help people. Now I am the proud owner of my own business, Athletic Muscle Therapy.”
– Jaskarau Baius, 2023 Milan Institute Massage Therapy Graduate

Where is Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy Program Offered?

Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy program is offered at several Milan Institute campus locations in California, Nevada, and Texas. In the Central Valley of California, the Fresno area is served by Milan Institute Clovis, near Fresno, California.

Conveniently located in the 93612 area code of Clovis, California, at 731 W. Shaw Avenue Suite A, Milan Institute’s Clovis campus provides students with access to modern facilities and experienced faculty. The campus is well-connected to the local community, offering opportunities for externships and networking that can enhance the learning experience.

What Is the Milan Institute Clovis Campus, Near Fresno, California Like?

The Clovis campus of Milan Institute offers a welcoming environment conducive to learning. With a focus on personalized attention and training, students from throughout the greater Fresno area benefit from the Clovis campus’ close-knit community and the resources needed to succeed in their journey toward becoming a Massage Therapist.

In Conclusion: Choose Milan Institute for your Massage Therapist Training!

If you are in the Fresno, California area, Milan Institute Clovis offers an excellent Massage Therapy training program! Milan Institute’s Massage Therapy program is focused, comprehensive, and achievable in a relatively short amount of time. Call 1(888) 207-9460 today to learn more about the opportunities that Milan Institute has to offer. Take the first step toward a rewarding Massage Therapy career, with Milan Institute!

Start Your Massage Therapy Career Training near Fresno, California, with Milan Institute Clovis!

*Program length varies by state; please contact Admissions for more information.